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Using All Applications in the Zoho Suite

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A collection of interviews by CRM Experts, Zoho customers, and Media on the CRM trends. These interviews were sponsored by Zoho during the recently held CRM Evolution 2011 Conference, New York, USA. [More]
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When I asked Tom Lacalamita, Computer Consultant for This Is What I Do, what Zoho applications he uses, he responded, "Ask me what I don't use. It's a shorter list." After 3 ½ years of use, Lacalamita believes he's turned on every application in the Zoho suite. He first started with CRM but then started applying all the collaboration tools and Zoho Creator to develop some database applications. It wasn't always that way, said Lacalamita in my interview with him at the Small Business Expo in New York. He admitted he used to barely managed contacts. All his salespeople kept their lists on PDAs or in PST files. He realized if somebody lost their computer he'd lose months of business. He needed a better solution that would maximize the efforts of his marketing department, and keep track of everything, especially opportunities. He looked at Salesforce but the pricing was prohibitive. Lacalamita saw Zoho in a magazine, tried it out and said, "This is one of the best things I've ever seen.

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