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SnapLogic Platform Integrations in 2010

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SnapLogic platform integrations in 2010 from Cazoomi Ready Solutions teams. Each "Snap" is able to sync with other applications (Snaps) running on the platform to create a place where businesses, running multiple SaaS systems, on-premise databases & proprietary systems can buy and own for less than $5,000/Snap + the $10,000/year SnapLogic Server License fee per client. The concept of buying "Snaps" is revolutionary because customers gain instant access to data integration thru the SnapStore which has taken off rapidly since its launch in May 2010. Our Cazoomi Teams have over 10,000+ hours building, testing and implementing on the SnapLogic platform including building their key 12 SaaS Snaps in their SnapStore. Feel free to get in touch with SnapLogic & Cazoomi this year as we offer a 50% discount to all who buy a Cazoomi "Snap" integration for their business in 2011. ~Cazoomi Teams Cazoomi Technology | San Francisco | CA | ask@cazoomi | 415.400.4541

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