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Can a cloud-based CRM system reduce "technical debt" of constant upgrading?

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A collection of interviews by CRM Experts, Zoho customers, and Media on the CRM trends. These interviews were sponsored by Zoho during the recently held CRM Evolution 2011 Conference, New York, USA. [More]
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You ever get bogged down by your software? Is the management of the software itself becoming more taxing than actually using it for its purchased intention? At the CRM Evolution Conference in New York City, I got a chance to chat with Alex Eldridge, Director of Project Management for SofterWare who has been taxed with the project of finding a new CRM solution for the company. They're currently using the desktop-based CRM/contact management solution, Goldmine. I chatted with Eldridge about his process of what he's looking for in a CRM solution. He boiled it all down to these four criteria: • Reduce complexity: Systems are currently too difficult to manage. There's a major technical debt of upgrading systems. • Less burdersome change management: Changes in browsers and operating systems have become a source of failure. • Less specialized knowledge: Instead of locking the understanding of a system into a few people's heads, Eldridge is looking for simpler systems for which developm

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