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Zoho CRM Canvas - Paint your own CRM view

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Add Date: 04/24/2018
Zoho CRM has just launched their new feature for Zoho CRM, Canvas. This will enable users to customized the view on the modules making it not look boring with just the tabular data arrangement. With Canvas's functionality, you will be able to make the view a very detailed and stylish. And creating the view isn't that hard and in fact it's fun to do it. You will just drag the fields you'd like to have and drop it on the right side of the table. You can as well change the font color, text, spacing (from Field Name to Field Value) and put in the image as well.

Customizing the view based on your business needs to help speed up the business process. The old traditional data arrangement has finally got to be replace with this new functionality. You will still be able to use the old way on viewing records on Zoho CRM if you like. But I highligy recommend Zoho CRM users to try and test this one out and I'm sure you'd love this.


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