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Changing Windows Parental Controls in VB.NET

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Add Date: 10/17/2012
In this article we will look at changing windows parental controls in VB.Net
This is a "workaround" solution to enable programmatic changes to the Windows Parental Controls of a user whether or not they are logged on, and even if the machine is a standalone with no domain.

I was trying to have one of my VB.NET programs change the Parental Control settings for a named user on a local standalone system with no domain. Every piece of code I could find worked for the current logged-on user, but, no matter how I tried, I could not get it to work for any user who was not logged on at the time.

The problem is that, whilst there are several ways we can address the settings, to do so we need either a logon token (only available for logged on users), a UPN (only available from an active domain), or to know the SID for each username whose WPC settings we need to access. Turning the username into a SID gives much the same problems. So...

I'd found a code-snippet that worked nicely for any user I knew the SID for (Not very well formatted - Sorry!):

'First we create an Object Searcher for the Windows Management Interface 'You don't really need to know how that works, just that it does!

I then tried all ways and for hours to get the machine to give me the SID of the account from the username, but all attempts failed, for similar reasons to why the other ways of querying the WPC settings failed.

Finally, I realised that I already had a piece of code that worked the other way around: i.e. it gives the username for any given SID. Hence, all I had to do was to generate a list of ALL the SID's for a machine , and then run a simple If/Then loop to find the right one. It turns out that getting all the SID's from a machine is quite easy.

Here's what we end up with. Quick note here: If you're copying and pasting this code, remember the "Imports" lines, and to set the references to them in your project.

I've included a few console outputs so you can see what the code is doing when you run it. It also aids in debugging if you have a problem When you're happy it's working, just comment them out

So, there you have it. A way to change Parental Control permissions for any account from any account... well, almost... You need Administrator rights to run it... Sorry kids!

Happy Programming!!!

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