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Transactions in ADO.Net

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In this article i will explain how transactions will work in ADO.Net
This article provides you the basic insight about the Transactions in ADO.NET. The ADO.NET provides you to implement the transaction while executing statements across the Data Base from front end code. We will discuss the topic, what is a Transaction?. How can we Implement Transaction in ADO.NET.

What is a Transaction?.

We can say, Transactions are Data Base commands that execute as set of package. For Example if we have two statements if first statement fails second statement should not execute or if first statement executes success and second statement failed, now inserted records should be rolled back.

Transactions are very much powerful and efficient means of performance in .NET. We are having three types of blocks are there in ADO.NET Transactions.

1) Begin Transaction
2) Commit Transaction
3) Roll Back Transaction

Below is the sample program to use the Transaction in ADO.NET.


C# Code


SqlTransaction is class Which represents a Transact SQL transaction to be made in SQL Server Data Base. It is derived from the System.Data.SqlClient namespace.

Happy Programming!!!

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