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Add Date: 07/03/2012 CRM has provided two data utility tools for data migration, this tools can be used to import new leads to taking data backup and schedule data import whenever required. There are two different tools browser based import wizard and data loader application
Import Wizard

The Import wizard is an easy to use multi step wizard for updating and importing only accounts, contacts, leads and solution standard object. and any custom object.
It can also be used to update the above mentioned object with the help of matching ID's
Accounts can be updated based on Account Name and Account Site fields.
Contact and leadscan be updated based on matching email address.
Custom Objects can be Updated based on External ID's, salesforce ID and also names
In Import Wizard you can only import the above mentioned Standard Objects and any custom object.
You can only import up to 50,000 Records with the help of import Wizard.
you cannot bulk export, delete records with the help of import wizard.
Using Import Wizard you can prevent dulicates
We can choose weather we fire Triggers and workflow when record is saved.

Path to access Import Wizard is Your Name -> Setup -> Data Management -> Import Accounts/ Contacts

Data Loader Data loader is an application for the bulk import or export data.
Use it to insert, update, delete, export, or upsert CRM records Data loader can move data into or out of any API Exposed object.
You can import more than 50,000 records with the help of import wizard.
Can load any standard object like opportunity or products.
We can schedule Data imports in from command prompt
We can map data and save mapping for later use.
We can also hard delete and also export data from CRM.
Path to download Data Loader Your Name -> Setup -> Data Management -> Data Loader

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