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Connect Zend Form

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The article shows how the standard method of connecting forms Zend Framework.

We will assume that you have already installed Zend Tool.

Consequently, we go in Zend Tool and select your working directory: c :/ xampp / htdocs / projects / zf.local / www (this is my, you will have your way).

Execute command zf create form simple.

As a result of command in the directory of your site www / application / forms / file appears Simple.php with this content:

This is the shape of our future. At the moment it is empty and there's not connected, so we create a form for the elements: field login, password and click submit.

To do this, add the following code in our function init (), which will display a form in the right place:

Now we have finished the form, it remains to deal with its connection.

Suppose we want to see the form on the / index / index or

Go to www / application / controllers / IndexConroller.php and connect our form as follows:

Next we need to send the form to display in our view the file. go to www / application / views / index / index.phtml and enter the output passed back form:

Now when you switch to the specified page, we will see this form.

The form is displayed, then the possibility of using Zend Form to verify the form data.

As we pointed out the field as a username and password are required - (setRequired (true) and addValidator ('NotEmpty')), then try to connect them to check.

To do this, we modify the code in www / application / controllers / IndexConroller.php the following:

Now we have a form that receives data and checks them for validity according to our preferences.

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