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php,mysql,javascript,html,css. Preferable working with Zend Framework. Good know javascript. I worked with various, javascript frameworks such as(jquery, YUI3, extjs, sencha touch). [More]
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Add Date: 06/26/2012
The article is devoted to a demonstration of one of the simplest and most effective implementations of Ajax requests in the Zend Framework.

In order for the appropriate controller and action can make ajax requests, we need to add the following code in init () function:

Index then acts as a determinant of action, which will accept the request.

Now take the java-script code that will send a request to us.

The code is sent to the index controller -> page action:

We add to our action method code that will catch the ajax request:

Now that the java-script sends a request, triggered hook Zend Ajax, which receives the value and sends a response to a view. Zend Framework in this way sends data in JSON format.

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