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Customizing / Adding Page Layouts in

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This article will help us understand the features of page layout editor, it will help us see what all changes we can do in page layout editor, and how we can customize the layout of the page, we will use opportunity object as an example in this article, we will customize the page layout of opportunity object.
Page layout editor is a very power full tool provided by CRM.
Enterprise and unlimited edition allows system admin to create and customize different
page layouts to support business process.

Navigating to page layouts,
Click on setup -> click on customize - > select custom/ standard object -> click on page
layout -> click on edit link of page layout you want to edit.

Every object in salesforce do have a default page layout, but we can create multiple layouts
for a single object and assign it to different users in profile.

Below is the control panel of page layout editor where you can find fields, buttons, custom links, and related list option which can be configured the editor.

What Do Page Layout Control ?

How detail and edit pages are organised ?

We can set up fields visibility and properties like read-only and required. page layout editor
provided by is a very powerful tool.
we have to click on the button in front of the field, when you click on that below pop - up window will open, which we allow us to select properties like read-only, and required. When you select required, it will make that field mandatory on the layout and when you select field as read-only you will not be able to edit that field. if we click on button in front of field it will remove the field in the layout and the field will be no more available in the layout of the object.

Page Section Customization !
In this we can customize develop unique different business scenarios, we can add different section and blank spaces in the layout. Click and hold the section tab in page layout control panel under fields tab, and drag and drop in the page layout below pop-up will come up, where you can name section and configure if we can see the section in edit page layout and detail page layout. Select if we want the layout to be 1-Column or 2-Column, tab order where it will help us configure if the tab key we navigate from left to right or top to bottom.

Which fields, related lists, and custom links, buttons are in a user's view.
We can customize the layout in which we can configure what all related list the user can see, what all buttons the user can see, we can just drag and drop the buttons and related list and fields in the layout, when you click on button it will remove the related list from layout and clicking the button in the related list will open the popup where we can configure what all fields we can see in the related list and also what all button we want to show in the related list.

Additional Customization

We can also do things like adding in line custom visual force page in the layout where we can show google Map, Yahoo map showing the location of lead on the map. Also the mini page layouts, hover details etc in page layout editor

If you have any questions, queries regarding the page layout editor and need any more information on page layout editor please let comment and I will answer the question / query at the earliest.

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