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Sending emails using php. Cookbook

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In this paper we consider the sending of emails in PHP. Sending emails in php by using mail () function

Sending plain text emails

This is the easiest way to send messages. You just enter the email recipient, sender, and format text / plain in the title. Following is an example

Sending html-mail in which you can insert tables, pictures, different fonts, styles

Sending emails in html format is almost no different from sending emails in plain text. In the title you specify the format of the message text / html and in the letter, instead of plain text put a html-code.

Consider the example

Sending a letter with an attachment

To attach a file to take a little longer code, but it is also quite simple. In the following code, list the name of your file that you want to send as well as its location

Sending messages to multiple recipients

To send a message to multiple recipients, it is best to use the title Bcc: copy of a letter that sends an email to the specified

For example

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