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Zoho CRM Formula Field Using IF Condition Examples

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Add Date: 11/29/2011
Show couple of examples for the IF Conditions, it is all about brackets

Lets start a simple one So if you have a Formula field called: "TrueOrFalse", it will show: "True"

Second one:
You want to create a formula number field that returns the following output: If field name contains 'Yellow', then return 265 ; Else if field name contains 'Red' return 295; Else if field name contains 'Blue' return 665; Else return 0. Third one:
A Formula field called: "Over $50 Limits" will show: "Yes" if any one of the 5 fields ("Meals Day 1 $", "Meals Day 2 $", "Meals Day 3 $", "Meals Day 4 $", "Meals Day 5 $" ) value greater than 50, will show "No" if non of the 5 fields value greater than 50.

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