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Add Date: 11/04/2011
Since page can only allow one Form, if you want to add another form for any reason, then you will run into an error. however if you really want to add another form to submit (post) the data in that, we can generate a dynamic form to achieve that.
1. For example I have a Unsubscribe Form here, this page has a master page, we add two controls in the master page first:
Note: if you add above Literals in UnsubscribeMe page, it just won't work, because you are putting a form in another form.

2. In UnsubscribeMe.aspx form Here is the code for the function: _GetFormPostJS(String strFormId)

3. Conclusion:
This dynamic form will take in action when "unsubscribeMe" button is clicked and posts back to client side
I have used this same way for posting simple paypal order online as well.

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