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Developing Face book Application with .NET Using Face book Notifications

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Add Date: 07/22/2011
So far, so good from my last post. If you have read my previous related posts we have developed a Facebook-like interface; the user selects data; the selected data is being saved in the database.

However, I forgot that Facebook really is a social network: it's about social interactions... Let's add "social interaction" in the form of user notifications to our Facebook Application. Thanks to the Facebook Developer Toolkit library, notifications are very easy to do:

To send a notification, we need to call the SendNotification() method and pass the notification text and ID of a Facebook user. In this code, the ID is of a selected Friend. Because I'm too lazy, the notificationTextToFriend notification text is built into the stored procedure, not into the application code. However, you can "compose" notification in the code, as well. The result is something like this:

...where, in my stored procedure, I can do something like this:


And that's it for this post, hopefully it will help you.

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