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Zoho CRM mail: see all the email communications with a lead?

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Add Date: 12/10/2010
In Zoho CRM, we can send email to lead (or contact...), if we have 10 users, each user can see the previous emails the other users sent to the lead....
1. In Zoho CRM, we can send email to lead (or contact...), if we have 10 users, each user can see the previous emails the other users sent to the lead, however, if the 10 users don't have Mail Add on installed, then we don't know what is the responses the lead sent back to any users. All we can see are the "Sent" emails.

2. If one user (say: userHasMailAddOn) has the Mail Add-on, then this user can see the response emails from the lead in CRM lead detail section, because the mail section in the lead will go to get all the emails (send to, received) from this user's Zoho Mail account.

(By the way, the userHasMailAddOn sent emails can always been see by other 9 users, this is the same situation in 1. )

3. But the response emails from the leads won't be seen by another 9 users explained in 1.
Now my question is: if other 9 users also have the Mail Add-on installed, can those 9 users see the response emails from the leads to userHasMailAddOn user? Need to check it out. Answer is Yes
Or: If 10 users have Mail Add-on, the lead responses one email to one of the users, that user, of course, can see the response email in his account, how about in other 9 users account, can they all see the response email from the lead to that particular user? Answer is Yes

4.If a user has more than one pop/smtp mails in Zoho mail, and the user has the Mail Add-on installed, there is only one email address from the Zoho mail can be used for the communication in CRM, there is no way that you can select different email addresses from a sort of dropdown list which contains all the email address in the Zoho mail and send the emails to your customer in CRM. (You can only do that in Zoho mail).
Having said that, although you can send email to your customer by using different email address in Zoho mail, but if the email address you are using is not related to the email address in Zoho Mail Add-on, then those email communications won't be seen in CRM.

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