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Publishing a Database Using the Database Publishing Wizard - 64 bit version

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Add Date: 05/12/2010
A quick note that if we want to use: MS Database Publishing Wizard in 64 bit version of Operating System (Such as Window 7), we need add extra files in that local pc.
It was working fine when use: MS Database Publishing Wizard from my Window Xp pc, however, if I use Window 7, it will raise an error:
"Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.SqlServer.BatchParser, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified. (Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo)"

We need add extra files, you can download here:

After that, should work fine.

Have used this wizard in server couple of times, every time I have issues on the settings, so I better put here for future reference.

1. Select Source Server

2. Select an Output Location

3. Click "New" button above for FTP login info and database access info
Web Service Address: Enter the URL for the publishing service. The URL can be found in the database information section of your hosting control panel.

Click the "New" button on the right side of "Available databases" textbox, will show this:

4. You will get this Success message
Comment #:  10 Replay this Comment Reply this comment Posted on: 4/25/2011

Hi James, This is a really really helpful post,

I got here after long search for publishing with the wizard on my win7 64bit , sql2005

and needed it for GoDaddy hosting I have

your perfect direct download  for my missing object made my day !

(I really hate exceptions on SQL pre-executions - I dont know what am doing wrong..)

You made my day (again) after struggling and going completly nuts with Godaddy...their support page of DPW is so general and missing all your so important specific names (secured name server, etc..) ... Thanks man!

I couldnt figure ouu the right steps without you!!




Comment #:  11 Replay this Comment Reply this comment Posted on: 4/25/2011

Reply to Comment #:10

Hi: Shabi

Glad that helps. :)



Comment #:  12 Replay this Comment Reply this comment Posted on: 4/25/2011


I am in it seems now all my DateTime values were changed after publish replacing days and months - which made MY BLL code generating exceptions on trying to parse dates - eventhough they apear right on hosted DB

I manually change the now.. and hope not have to republish due to more stored procedures I make

any idea why?


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