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Zoho Invoice: Missing some important features and funtions

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Add Date: 03/18/2010
When I was working on a Zoho Invoice project, I found some basic but important features are missing, list them below.
1. User roles don't have too much differences
There are only two roles you can create in the account: Admin and Staff, the difference is: Staff role doesn't have the "User" tab and "Setting" tab, there is no way that you can hide some other sections or fields, or prevent staff user(s) from editing, deleting records...

2. Importing customer information from Zoho CRM will overwrite the existing customer info in Zoho Invoice
Users don't have any option to prevent this, unless you don't do the import. Also, if you want to import only one new customer from CRM, you have to import all the customers from CRM to the Invoice account. The better solution is: before start importing, list all the current CRM customers, and let user to pick up which customers will be imported.

Update on Aug 10th 2010, based on this link, Zoho invoice support says: Ok, that seems reasonable, only import the new, modified, and missing customers from zoho crm to Zoho invoice, but it raises another problem, what if my Zoho invoice only wants some of my Zoho CRM customers to be imported, for example: only imports 10 customers from existing Zoho CRM customers (say have 100 total), currently there is no way to tell the system to do so, only imports that 100 total first, then delete the 90 unwanted customers manually. :(

3. If you setup an online payment gateway by using, for example,
The only chance to make a payment is when customers receive an email with the invoice, in that email will have a payment link for opening the payment page. The problem is: if customers want to pay by providing us his/her CC info through phone call or already in business owner's store, there is no payment page to do it right away in Zoho invoice. Why we need send invoice to the customer and wait customer to do the transaction while he/she is on the phone or in the store already?

Update on Aug 11th 2010 from Zoho Invoice support: 4. Can not import custom fields from Zoho CRM into Zoho Invoice
If in my Zoho CRM contact form, I create a new dropdown control filed indicating the contact is "has coupon for discount", or " no discount", there is no way you can import this information to Invoice.

5. No phone call or live chat support
Only email communication.

Update on Aug 11th 2010 from Zoho Invoice support: Well, having said that, Zoho Invoice still is a pretty nice application, and I am looking forward to seeing more userful features to be added soon.

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