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ZOHO CRM: Use Calendar to setup an appointment with customers

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Add Date: 03/11/2010
In most of cases, if a customer wants to setup an appointment with you, you need set this up in a Calendar which records all your schedules, and then find an available data/time for the new appointment, also you might want to send an email to the customer (and yourself with a new task) once that is scheduled, also you might need a reminder message before 30 min of that appointment.
From existing Lead (or Contact), find "Open Activities" => "New Event".

Insert Event Information for the appointment:
-Change the event owner to right user (you or other staff).
-Select date time for the appointment, be sure to check the Calendar before you select the date/time to avoid overlapping that user's schedule.
-Check the “send notification email” if you want to send a message to the user. there is no option for sending notification email to customer here (which is sad, need do extra steps, see below).
-Description: Type some info here, keep in mind that the customer will get an Appointment Notification email (describe below) which contains this Description.

After we save the event, the event will be listed in "Open Activities" section, one thing is still missing: that is how to send a notification email to the customer?
1. We can send email manually by hit the "Send Mail" button, that will take a while to type all the information including date/time, location... , so not a good choice.
2. Use "Add Invitees": click the event title, the event detail form will be opened, you will find "Add Invitees" button, click that, you can select customer names from a pop up window.
The invitation looks like this:

It is a better solution, but what if you want to attach a document with that notification email, I can't find a solution for that yet (which is sad again), have to manually send another email to the customer.

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