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DataBind a filtered Dataset to a Dropdownlist control

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Add Date: 02/17/2010
Quick way to filter a Dataset and then bind it to a Dropdownlist control.
A dropdownlist might only shows a limited values from a Dataset.
DataSet dst = new DataSet(); 
MembershipUser uUser = Membership.GetUser(HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name);

//will get 3 columns: bookName, bookId, userWhoPosted
//could use Cache to save it in memeroy.
dst = DataWebCoder.BookAuthor.GetBookNamesAll();

//if uUser'r role is not an administration:
if ((uUser != null) && (Roles.IsUserInRole(uUser.UserName,
                      YourNameSpace.Config.RoleAsAdministration) == false))
    dst.Tables[0].DefaultView.RowFilter = "userWhoPosted = '" + uUser.UserName + "'";
    ddlBookNames.DataSource = dst.Tables[0].DefaultView;
    ddlBookNames.DataSource = dst.Tables[0];

//bind filtered data to dropdownlist
ddlBookNames.DataTextField = "bookName";
ddlBookNames.DataValueField = "bookId";
ddlBookNames.Items.Insert(0, new ListItem("--SELECT--", "0"));

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