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Disable sending emails when new user created in local pc

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Add Date: 02/17/2010
If using CreateUserWizard control, we might need send an welcome email to the new user and also send an email to inform the site owner, but we don't want this happens in local pc, below post shows how to send emails and how to disable it.
This is the top part of a CreateUserWizeard looks like:

From above code, 3 lines help us sending email to the new user:
MailDefinition-BodyFileName ="~/EmailTemplates/Register.txt"
MailDefinition-Subject="Registration Confirmation - From"
MailDefinition-From =""

The Register.txt looks like this:
Dear <% UserName %>:
Thank you for registration!
Please make sure you keep below login information.
username: <% UserName %>
passwrod: <% Password %>
To reset your password, you must answer the following question:
Password Question: <%PasswordQuestion%>
Password Answer: <%PasswordAnswer%>
Another line helps us adding other function when sending emails:
OnSendingMail="CreateUserWizard1_SendingMail", code behind:
 protected void CreateUserWizard1_SendingMail(object sender, MailMessageEventArgs e)
        string sUserName = CreateUserWizard1.UserName.ToString();
       //yourNameSpace.Config.isLiveMode is the value from .config file appSettings.
        if ((string.Compare("True", yourNameSpace.Config.isLiveMode) == 0))
           //inform new user
           e.Message.IsBodyHtml = false;
           e.Message.Body = e.Message.Body.Replace("<%PasswordQuestion%>", 
           e.Message.Body = e.Message.Body.Replace("<%PasswordAnswer%>", 

           //inform owner 
            e.Cancel = true ; //won't send email.
The e.Cancel = true will stop sending any emails if it is in local development pc.

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