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VB.Net New conveniences and rules

Book Name: Building Applications and Components with Visual B
Author: Ted Pattison
Building Applications and Components with Visual Basic .NET
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A few new conveniences offered by Visual Basic.Net, examine some other new features designed to improve the quality and maintainability of your code
1. Define values in a row 2. New initialization syntax 3. Use += &= operator 4. Use Return to halt method execution and return value to a calling function 5. No more On Error GoTo statements, but use Try...Catch...End Try 6. Encourage using Explicit Conversions: such as CType, also can use: CBool, CByte, CChar, CDate, CDbl, CDec, CInt, CLng, CObj, CShort, CSng and CStr. 7. Encourage using AndAlso to Replace using And, for example: Above code always check the condition on both side of And, what if passing in target is Nothing, then it will raise an exception when checking: target.Name<> "". Above code won't go to check target.Name<>"" if Not target Is Nothing is False already.

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