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app.config and machine.config file

Book Name: Building Applications and Components with Visual B
Author: Ted Pattison
Building Applications and Components with Visual Basic .NET
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Main differences between app.config and machine.config file
app.config file settings are valuable for storing data such as URLs, database connectgion string, or other values that might change after an application has gone into production.

machine.config file is located, for example: It controls the overall behavior of the CLR as well as many of the other Microsoft frameworks that are built on top of the CLR. The purpose of this file is to give the system administrator the ability to modify the behavior of all applications as well as the behavior of CLR and its many subsystems.

For example: If serveral applications all rely on the same database connection string, you can add the connection string in machine.config file.

Note: value in an application configuration file will always override an value with an identical key name in machine.config.

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