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Classes and Types

Book Name: Pro .NET 2.0 Windows Forms and Custom Controls in
Author: Matthew MacDonald
Renowned author Matthew MacDonald combines careful treatment of the API with detailed user-interface design principles. Further, this book incorporates C# and the final beta of .NET 2.0. The result: thorough coverage of Windows Forms and GDI+ namespaces for you .NET programmers! You will become equi...
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In the .NET world, there's another concept - types, Types is catchall term that includes the following ingredients:

Structures: Value types
Classes: Reference types
Delegates: Delegate is a type which holds the method(s) reference in an object. It is also referred to as a type safe function pointer. Enumerations: In this example, an enumeration, Days, is declared. Two enumerators are explicitly converted to int and assigned to int variables Output:

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