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User Name: davidz
Name: David Zafar
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During last 8 years of my professional experience, I have worked at each phase of Software Engineering and delivered many software solutions from a simple 'Personal Web Site' to a very sophisticated 'Enterprise Level Web Applications' using Asp.Net, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, HTML, XHTML, XML, MSSqlServer, MySql, MS Access etc
Recent Posts: Captcha Control (4/9/2012) captcha control is a web user control which can be placed easily on any... Mouse hover on small image shows larger image on gridview (3/15/2012)
      This post shows mouse over on smaller image displays larger one and also click ... jQuery Showing tooltip on hovering mouse on datalist items (3/10/2012)
      This article will explain about how to show an attractive custom tool-tip while ... jQuery Accordion Menu (3/10/2012) jQuery Accordion Menu is a DataRepeater based web user control for build... jQuery scrollable image gallery (3/10/2012)
      This post is about adding an attractive and a very good looking scroll-able imag... JQuery Flower Navigation using Repeater (3/7/2012) Flower Navigation is a web user control built using Repeater con... JQuery Dockable Menu using Repeater (3/6/2012)
      This post shows how to use jQuery with ASP.Net Repeater control to create a very...