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Important Notes:
1. This page is only for testing purpose, we don't collect any infomation from you.
2. Make sure you input your ZOHO CRM login user name, password, and API key correctly
3. Get your ZOHO CRM API key from your CRM account=>Setup=>Developer Space=>Crm API Key
4. Zoho CRM Authentication Token was introduced on March 6th 2012, plase use: "Use TicketNumber or Token" dropdown control below to select the right method. More information please visit here.
5. Note: Zoho CRM will discontinue support for API Key and Ticket after June 30, 2012. All existing API users are recommended to replace all API calls with the Authentication Token

Get Leads Date: (only fetch 10 most recent Leads)

We are moving this function to and will let you know once it is done

If it's your first time here, you can see below screen shot showing what looks like: